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Contract & Fleet Valeting

Are you a person or Company, with one or more vehicles in your possession?  Whether it’s a car, van, lorry etc.
Do you or your Company want a regular Valeting service?  Whether it is a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 6 - 8 weekly.
If it is more than one vehicle on a regular basis, I would have to come and take a look at the condition of the vehicles, and then give you a FREE quote. Also work out the best day of the week that they can be done for both parties.
If you have just the one vehicle and are looking for a regular valet service, then all you need to do is pick one of the Valeting options on this website and book in.  While booking in let us know you would be looking for a regular valet service, and whilst we carry out the valet you chose then we can come up with some ideal and affordable price to you, not only to keep your vehicle in great shape but is also easy on your pocket.
I already have a Fleet of Vehicles on my books which is done on a weekly basis; the company have cars, vans and arctic Lorries.  They have also said they are willing to give a reference for my work if anyone has any doubt.  Please do not hesitate to ask if this is something you would like before going any further.

To book your Valet, please Call John on07557 966055. 
Email:  whitesprovaleting@gmail.com

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