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White's Polishing Options

HAND POLISH - Monthly Shine

Fallout Prewash                             
Wash Vehicle                           
Micro-fibre Towel Dry           
Carnauba Wax Applied
Glass surfaces cleaned                
Wheel Walls Clean       
Fallout Prewash
Clean Rubbers & Scuttle
Wash Vehicle
Trims Dressed & Restored
Micro-fibre Dry
Luxury Hybrid/Carnauba Wax
Glass surfaces cleaned
Tar Spots Removal
Deep Wheel Clean
Door Shuts Cleaned 
Exhaust Chrome
Paint Sealant Applied

Basic Hand Polish Prices
Detailed Hand Polish Prices
Super-mini    -   Ford Fiesta       -  £25
Family Car    -   Ford Focus       -  £30
Exec, Lux, 
Est Car          -   BMW 5-Series  -  £35
MPV / 4X4     -   Ford Galaxy     -  £40
Super-mini   -   Fiat 500              -  £25
Family Car   -   Vauxhall Astra   -  £30
Exec, Lux,
Est Cars        -   Audi A6             -  £35
MPV / 4X4     -    BMW X5           -  £40

Wheel Sealant                                                     +£20
Convertable Roof Deep Cleaned & Protected    +£75

Basic Hand Polish times for small Cars are 60 Minutes approx and larger vehicles 90 minutes approx.

Detailed Hand Polish times for small Vehicles are 120 minutes approx and for larger vehicles 180 minutes approx.


All Chrome inc Exhaust          
Door Shuts Cleaned                            
Fuel Cap Degreased and Cleaned                                   
Luxury Hybrid Wax                 
Single Stage Machine
Paint Sealant Applied              


Super-mini - Ford Fiesta / Fiat 500                    - £150
Family Car - Ford Focus / Vauxhall Astra          - £170
Executive/luxury - BMW 5-Series / Audi A6       - £200
MPV / 4X4 - Ford Galaxy / BMW X5                    - £240

Wheel Sealant                                                    +£20
Convertible Roof Deep Cleaned & Protected    +£75
Paint Protection Applied                                   +£50
Headlights Restoration                                     +£20 Each
Stone Chip and Small Scratch Repairs             From £50

For the Machine Polishing above, it's a Single stage and the time we need your vehicle for would be 6 to 9 Hours.  

Please take time out to read our Terms & Conditions with reference to the above valet Packages

MOBILE:  If you have WATER, ELECTRIC & OFF ROAD facilities, and you would like White's to come to you then this can be done. A Minimum of £40.00 spend.  The above price stays the same if you are within the 10 mile radius.  If you are outside of the 10 mile Radius, there will be £5.00 added to the total bill.

For Availability & Bookings Please:
Call John or Jamie: 07557966055
Email: whitesprovaleting@gmail.com
Address:  82 Southampton Rd, Salisbury SP1 2LE
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